10 Foods You need to Avoid Through the Holidays Step away from the table.

It’s the glucose, the eggs, the bourbon and the whipping cream. How does incredibly hot cider sound? 4 – Fresh fruit Cake. One slice and it provides fruit – correct. One slice has as much as 410 calorie consumption and 13 grams of fat. Involve some pumpkin pie – 250 calorie consumption plus beta-carotene. 5 – Pecan Pie. Nope, go for the pumpkin. That slice of pecan pie about the calories – about 500 a slice twice, with 26 grams of sugar. 6 – Candied Yams. Many common sweet potato tested recipes possess up to six cups of sugar for a total of 38 grams.Tobin, cEO and president of United Spinal Association, it’s one reason a number of people greatly benefit from this event and come back year after year. All attendees will have a chance to exchange stimulating and innovative concepts with some of the best minds in the disability community. Featured presenters will speak about the ADA, future and past, including Kleo King, Esq., Senior Vice President of Accessibility Providers at United Spinal Association; Terence J. Moakley, Chairman of the Plank, VetsFirst; Lawrence Carter-Long, Executive Director, Disabilities Network of NEW YORK; Lynnae M. Ruttledge, Commissioner, Rehabilitation Providers Administration, U.S. Section of Education; and Susan Gordon Ryan, Disability Rights Advocate and Activist.