10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.

10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.S Get more information . Power grid failure is teaching us in regards to a real collapse In the wake of violent storms, today for an incredible number of Us citizens across several U the power remains out.S. States. Governors of Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio have declared a continuing state of emergency. Over a dozen people are confirmed dead, and millions are sweltering in blistering temperatures while having no fresh air conditioning or refrigeration. As their frozen foods melt into processed goo, they’re waking up to a few lessons that people would all be smart to remember. See some shocking photos of recent climate occasions, which includes a trampoline strung over power lines at: Listed below are 10 hard lessons we’re all learning as we watch this example unfold: #1) The power grid is ridiculously vulnerable to disruptions and failureAll it requires is OUR MOTHER EARTH unleashing just a little wind storm, and whole human cities are cut off from their power grid.

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Evaluation, the Tax Basis compiled data from 2005 through 2009 showing the real purchasing power of personal income per capita. They compared NY with the state of Kansas. In nominal dollars, NY appears richer, boasting $47,000 per capita to Kansas’ $39,000 per capita. After the genuine purchasing power of the dollars was modified per capita using the buyer Price Index, the worthiness of money earned in Kansas surpassed the value of New York money. NY fell to $40,000 per capita, while Kansas rose to $45,000 per capita. New bipartisan data reveals how far $100 will proceed in each stateIn conjunction with this data, the Tax Foundation compiled federal data from all 50 says to reveal regional price variations.