3-year-old swallows 37 Buckyball magnets More information here.

3-year-old swallows 37 Buckyball magnets, survives Buckyballs could be a great desk toy for adults, but the tiny ball-designed magnets can present a deadly risk to kids. One 3-year-old girl who’s right now recovering in a Portland medical center learned the hard way. Photos: 20 most shocking X-rays KPTV in Oregon reported the 3-year-previous Payton Bushnell swallowed 37 Buckyballs that made the toddler feel so sick, her family members thought she experienced a stomach flu More information here . Once Payton was rushed to a doctor, an X-ray revealed a circular chain of magnets in her tummy . In all the study I have done, I have never seen any young child swallow a lot more than 10 magnets, Sandy Nipper, a nurse at Randall Children’s Medical center, informed KPTV.

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