56-Pound Tumor Removed from Womans Body BUENOS AIRES.

That’s one of these. Lopez experienced pulled a 56-pound tumor from your body of a 54-year-previous housewife who prefers to stay anonymous. His team at Gandulfo Hospital in the city of Lomas de Zamora was expecting something how big is an orange. They pulled out a boulder instead. It was 19 inches across and got four hours to remove. Doctors taken out her uterus ans ovaries also, based on the Daily Mail, and are monitoring her for future cancers. The 343-pound girl said she had experienced a constant growth in her abdomen for a full year and a half, but simply thought she was getting weight.HEART GUARD also has applications in several other areas, including telemedicine, sports medicine, patient rehabilitation following cardiac surgery or a heart attack and as a low-cost ECG monitoring program in hospitals and treatment centers with limited budgets. With the 30-month task completed and medical trials of the prototype successfully concluded by Kaunas Medical University’s Institute of Cardiology, the Lithuania Academy of Physical Education and the comprehensive study Institute of Cardiology at the University of Latvia, another steps are to fulfill the EU’s stringent compliance requirements for medical gadgets and source a business to manufacture and distribute the system.