72-year-outdated Austin veteran is held at gunpoint.

‘This is a hell of a lot of problems and angst they’ve caused our client.’ Despite the city’s action to secure and condemn his real estate as uninhabitable, Del Rio says ‘Travis Central Appraisal District information put the house’s reasonable fair market worth at upward of $172,000,’ according to the Austin Statesman newspaper. Since the seizure, Del Rio bought a flat and has been permitted to retrieve some products from his former ‘command bunker’ home.The amount of HIV-positive people on antiretroviral medications increased eight-fold, in December 2005 from 100 000 in December 2003 to 810 000. Of the 42 malaria-endemic countries in the African Region, 33 have used artemisinin-based mixture therapy–the most reliable antimalarial medicines available today–as first-series treatment. River blindness has been eliminated as a public health problem, and guinea worm control attempts have led to a 97 percent decrease in cases since 1986. Leprosy is near elimination–defined as less than one case per 10 000 people in the Region. Many countries are making great progress on preventable childhood disease. Polio is close to eradication, and 37 countries are reaching 60 percent or more of their children with measles immunization.