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During flu season, from November through April of every year which generally runs, approximately 10-20 percent of the populace is affected with some strain of the flu virus. Annual vaccination may be the safest, most effective method for preventing the spread of the flu virus. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone older than 50 get a flu vaccination. Individuals 50 and older are more vulnerable to seasonal flu and its own complications, and really should get vaccinated as as they can soon.Ric Weibl, director of the AAAS Middle for Careers in Technology and Technology, said that network networks create possibilities for scientists and students to communicate with co-workers beyond their disciplinary and institutional barriers. In the case of MySciNet, enabling these opportunities may also create connections that decrease the feeling of isolation often experienced by underrepresented minorities. Building diverse networks is an invaluable skill that acts both the individual and technology as whole, said Weibl.