Accelrys introduces new Cheminformatics Suite Accelrys.

‘As these agencies expand their global systems and increasingly depend on external collaborators, they want updated informatics solutions that are aligned with how they do R&D. Our new Cheminformatics Suite can be an essential tool for our customers, helping their commitment to bring innovative products to market effectively today and well into the future.’ The Cheminformatics Suite meets the end-to-end needs of scientists to access, manage, analyze, report and share scientific details in a unified environment that ensures consistency, completeness and precision of the chemistry and associated data getting represented.0 Accelrys Chemical Registration is an intuitive, easy-to-use, Web-based software that helps zero-install deployment.The legislation gives Medicare the negotiating leverage granted to personal purchasers of prescription medications by repealing the noninterference language, while at the same time continuing the prohibition against the Secretary needing a specific formulary. This preserves the competitive nature of the drug benefit and allows private programs to design formularies that greatest meet the needs of their enrollees. In addition, the legislation allows Congressional support agencies usage of Part D prices and statements data to make sure better comparative analysis of the discount rates and price concessions open to Medicare.