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On the continuous quality improvement model and in accordance with the new best practices that companies their quality program in three key areas:.

– New best practices for blanks, error classification and reporting.Cannon finds that changes that act already in progress and the company quickly to incorporate the best practices in each step of document workflow. By improving our quality process, we not only help you avoid mistakes and have a positive impact on patient safety, but also increase physician satisfaction of a consistent, high-quality patient report, Lucci finally. Source: Webmedx.. – Continuous, corrective action feedback loop for continuing education for medical transcriptionists and editors. – Enhanced scoring methodologies critical errors critical errors and ensure reports containing them do not pass quality control.According to Dr. Identified Disease basic mechanism rheumatoid arthritis.

Identify in LA BioMed investigators have developed a novel illness basic mechanism RA, that can open the door to new therapies for this and other debilitating autoimmune diseases. – In an article in the September edition of Journal of Immunology says investigator Terry J. Disc research, the the interaction between antibodies found into patient with rheumatoid arthritis and of insulin-like growth factor receptor as the cause of the inflammation and lymphocytic infiltration.