ACT receives patent for its single-blastomere technology Advanced Cellular Technology.

We are eagerly anticipating the start of both Phase 1/2 clinical trials in the first half of this year. ACT has been issued clearance from the FDA to proceed with two Phase 1/2 medical trials in the U.S.. ACT receives patent for its single-blastomere technology Advanced Cellular Technology, Inc. , a head in the field of regenerative medicine, announced today that it’s been issued a patent on its single-blastomere technique. The single-blastomere technology runs on the one-cell biopsy approach similar to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis , which is widely used in the in vitro fertilization procedure and does not hinder the embryo’s developmental potential.D., chief scientific officer of ACT, said, This patent issuance represents reputation of the technology underlying our single-blastomere technology.Around 80 million People in america have high degrees of the poor LDL cholesterol, and more than 44 million have low levels of the good HDL cholesterol, which the body uses to remove bad cholesterol from the bloodstream. Studies have shown that along with diet, SIMCOR can help individuals with lipid disorders reach their treatment goals by addressing more than just bad cholesterol, targeting multiple lipids with one tablet. The FDA’s authorization was predicated on SIMCOR safety and efficacy trial data from more than 640 individuals with blended dyslipidemia and type II hyperlipidemia.