ADHD children and their mothers more likely to possess shorter telomeres.

‘This makes sense if you feel that hyperactivity is the indicator that affects even more negatively the family members and causes more stress’, say Mattos. ‘It is usually the key reason why parents search for health care in the first place.’ The results underscore the importance of intervening early to handle behavior issues in children to prevent psychosocial tension and shortening of telomeres.. ADHD children and their mothers more likely to possess shorter telomeres, say Brazilian scientists Psychiatric disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder impact family's emotions and public life.1, 2006: WiCell experts announce the development of stem cell tradition media free of animal products, a advancement necessary to culture cells for therapy in humans. May 17, 2007: UW-Madison establishes the Stem Cellular and Regenerative Medicine Center. 20 June, 2007: For the second period, President Bush vetoes legislation that could expand federal funding for individual embryonic stem cell research. Nov. 20, 2007: Two teams of researchers, which includes a Wisconsin team led by James Thomson and Junying Yu, show that skin cells could be reprogrammed to behave like embryonic stem cellular material genetically.