Aimee Copelands rehab: 200 crunches in 7 minutes Aimee Copeland.

Aimee Copeland’s rehab: 200 crunches in 7 minutes Aimee Copeland, the Ga. Woman whose battle back from flesh-eating bacterias has inspired many, is certainly making progress in her rehabilitation, regarding to her father. Photos: Ga . Student’s amazing recovery from flesh-eating infection Andy Copeland, who has been updating the public on his daughter’s condition through a blog, in a July 29 revise that in each physical therapy session wrote, his daughter completes 400 leg lifts in seven minutes, 200 crunches in seven minutes – every 10 which she’s required to say a full sentence – in addition to pushups and planks. Just how many of that you can do two hundred crunches in seven a few minutes? asked Andy in your blog.

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