AMGA appreciates Supreme Courts decision about King v.

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing in most in King v. Burwell, wrote, ‘It is implausible’ that Congress intended for the law to operate without subsidies. Consequently, irrespective of a wellness exchange being state or federally run, all eligible beneficiaries can receive subsidies beneath the Affordable Care Act to purchase insurance coverage. Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Medical Group Association , stated: ‘We appreciate the Supreme Court’s decision on this critical case. That the Court has ruled Today, we are able to continue the important work of improving health care while lowering costs. AMGA looks forwards to dealing with Congress and the Administration as we continue steadily to make positive adjustments to the health care delivery system.’..The new record, released from the inspector general’s office, statements that over 24,000 homeowners each pocketed $30,000 of taxpayer bailout money. The money was given out in hopes that homeowners would elevate their homes to avoid long term catastrophes. $700 million may only participate the fraudThe Louisiana Road Home program allocated $1 billion to this specific relief effort, that was made to prevent future harm to homes. The program was only 1 part of a federal government relief bundle that totaled $29 billion. With that much cash being redistributed, more investigation may need to occur.