And Calypso Medical Systems had favorable HRQoL scores and minimal toxicity.

The first results of a prospective phase II study in the American Society of Radiation Oncology 53rd Annual Meeting Show presented that patients with low-risk radiosurgery treated with radiosurgery treatment technologies from Varian Medical Systems. and Calypso Medical Systems had favorable HRQoL scores and minimal toxicity.


After one year, not a measure of increased toxicity when compared to when the treatment was started. Remarkably, rectal toxicity, a known side effect of the earlier method of radiation therapy for prostate cancer, unusual. Only two patients reported mild rectal bleeding at 6 and 9 months, and in both cases without intervention without intervention. Tumor response was determined by PSA measurements, which fell quickly in the first 24 months. Help Varian technology for advanced forms of radiotherapy including image-guided SBRT treatment of treatment of low-risk prostate cancer, said Chris Toth, senior director of marketing for Varian’s Oncology Systems business. The combination of Varian precise treatment delivery with real-time tracking capabilities of the Calypso system, SBRT appears to help men deal effectively with their illness while minimizing potential side effects.‘We have for inducing a small molecule having embryonic stem cells over a next 10 days is much faster than others studies reported in the literature.

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