And its own farmers are far even worse off becauseo f it right now.

10 Years of Failure: New film documents struggle of farmers deceived by biotech industry It has been 10 years since the Philippine government accepted the country’s initial genetically altered crops for commercial cultivation, and its own farmers are far even worse off becauseo f it right now. In the new documentary film 10 Years of Failure, Farmers Deceived by GM Corn, the farmer advocacy group Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development, or MASIPAG, reveals the plight of GM corn farmers in the Philippines who had been hoodwinked by the biotechnology industry and are now experiencing massive debt, poor yields and starvation consequently actually. The 25-minute film, which is available for free viewing on YouTube, was released on so-called World Meals Day, the day that Monsanto and Syngenta were given awards by the World Food Prize Foundation because of their abominable transgenic creations generic viagra in canada .

White children were the most likely to end up being on psychiatric medicines , accompanied by black children and Hispanic children , according to the report. The study found that significantly more children on Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program were on medication for psychological and behavioral problems , versus 6.7 % with private insurance and just 2.7 % of children without insurance. Additionally, more family members living below 100 % of the government poverty level had kids taking medications for psychological and behavioral problems than those above the federal government poverty level. Fifty-five % of parents reported these medications helped their children a lot, while another 26 % stated they helped some. Slightly below 19 % said they didn’t help at all or helped slightly.