Another common factor in their lives is certainly Dr.

2nd biannual fetal therapy reunion at Hollywood Presbyterian INFIRMARY On Saturday Over 200 infants and toddlers will converge at Hollywood Presbyterian INFIRMARY, May 15 at a special event celebrating their lives and reuniting them and their parents with other people who share similar encounters. The common thread these children talk about is that they–as fetuses–received minimally invasive fetal operation to take care of adverse conditions that would otherwise have led to their loss of life or irreversible organ damage. Another common factor in their lives is certainly Dr. Ramen Chmait, the Director of LA Fetal Therapy, who performed the life-conserving surgeries on all the children. Dr. Chmait treats a variety of conditions that afflict the fetus. The most common condition affecting fetuses is normally Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome ; if untreated early in pregnancy, there is around a 90 % possibility that both twins will die.The African Leaders Malaria Alliance will promote the efficient procurement, distribution and use of materials and medicines to regulate and treat malaria, a major killer of African kids in particular still, a statement issued before the start said, VOA News reviews . The international community has recently donated a lot more than $3 billion to the project, the BBC reviews, adding, The amount of money can pay for the distribution of 240 million insecticide-treated bed nets throughout sub-Saharan Africa by the end of next year . U.N. Secretary-General DEMANDS International Focus On Maternal Mortality, Getting together with MDGs Xinhua examines U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s address to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, where he spoke of the need for international initiatives to lessen maternal mortality and updated the world leaders on the worldwide progress in reaching the Millennium Advancement Goals .