Because it is often due to something blocking elimination of urine made by the kidneys.

Acute Kidney Failure Postrenal Causes Postrenal failure is known as obstructive renal failure sometimes, because it is often due to something blocking elimination of urine made by the kidneys . It is the rarest reason behind acute kidney failure . This issue can be reversed, unless the obstruction is longer enough to damage kidney tissue present. Obstruction of 1 or both ureters could be caused by the following: Kidney stone, only on one side usually Malignancy of the urinary system organs, kidney tumor or cancer, or structures near the urinary system that may obstruct the outflow of urine Medications Obstruction at the bladder level can be caused by the following: Bladder stone Enlarged prostate Blood clot Bladder cancer Neurologic disorders of the bladder impairing its capability to contract Treatment includes relieving the obstruction.

Individual metapneumovirus is a leading reason behind ARIs in early childhood. Respiratory viral attacks are connected with most asthma exacerbations, particularly in children; rhinoviruses will be the most implicated virus commonly. The use of antibiotics in treating ARIs should only be looked at in the presence of bacterial sequelae. Although most kids with ARIs could be managed in the grouped community setting up, some may be better described hospital. Prevention approaches for ARIs include avoidance of environmental tobacco smoke immunisation and exposure against pneumococcal disease, invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b disease and, in some young children, influenza..