But at the molecular level.

Plasticity change the amazing ability of a neuron or a synapse in response to experience changes in synaptic strength require rapid protein synthesis, but at the molecular level, little is known about the factors that related experiences – to. Changes in orientation selectivity in the visual cortex known, Wang said.

– The protein, called ‘Arc ‘was previously detected in the hippocampus, where it is believed to help store lasting memories by strengthening the synapses, the connections between neurons. The Picower Institute’s unexpected finding was that Arc also blocks the activity of neurons with low orientation selectivity is not well ‘tuned’to vertical and horizontal lines, while neurons with high orientation selectivity. ‘Means that, with the help of Arc the overall orientation the overall orientation selectivity in the visual cortex by visual experience sharpened, ‘like a camera, the better concentrate is learning over time, Wang said.What is K 2 so dangerous? Further tests are needed, but Scalzo says K2 which life-threatening symptoms such as palpitations, dangerously high blood pressure, pale skinned or vomiting suspect that K2 be that. That cardio system from users It is also assumed to affect the central nervous system ,, potentially life-threatening hallucination and and in some cases, seizures what.

Distinguishing of presentation of the first medical degree west of the Mississippi River the school educates physicians and biomedical scientist leads medical research and the medical care at the local, national and international levels research in the school seeking new cures and treatments in five priority areas:. Cancer infections, liver disease, aging and diseases of the brain and heart / lung disease.

For the last month on Anthony Scalzo, professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University, for almost 30 cases where teen with a hallucinations, severe agitation, rapid heart rate and was Viewed blood pressure, vomiting and, in some cases., tremors and seizure All those young people had famous one dangerous but legal substance as K2 or smoked ‘fake weed.