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The Riverside and San Bernardino health departments report that more than 9,000 HIV / reported reported in 1983 in the domestic field. San Bernardino County reported 192 HIV cases and 109 AIDS cases in 2008. Riverside County reported 247 HIV cases and 125 AIDS cases in September 2008, the Press – Enterprise reports. The highest prevalence of the disease among men aged 20 to 49 reported, with most cases in the two counties occurring among men. J The Press-Enterprise reported that HIV / AIDS and incarceration, the use of medical marijuana for people with HIV / AIDS and religion in HIV / AIDS prevention were also at the conference discussed .

8 clock Thursday, Alta Room at the Alta Club, in Salt Lake City – poster presentation on research dealing on the evolution and aggression.

Noon Thursday 26th February, postal theaters, in Fort Douglas – keynote speech lecture of Martin Daly and Margo Wilson from McMaster University. Are going to discuss will discuss how murder rates correlates to disparity of incomes, and as young males which best kill or killed is given to those lose too dangerous for with little to by competing. .