But they arent sure why.

Cinzia Maraldi says the scholarly research confirms the protective aftereffect of light alcohol drinking. The experts say that heavy drinking remains a wellness hazard however, and even moderate drinking does not have the same benefits for everybody. In their study, light drinking showed the strongest benefits in males with high degrees of a protein called interleukin-6, which is certainly associated with an elevated heart disease risk but there is no clear advantage among women in this respect. Maraldi warns the health effects of alcohol might not be the same for everyone and the dangers and benefits of moderate drinking vary among individuals, therefore no blanket suggestions can be made.The fact that treatment was shipped by way of a single tai chi master at a single center also potentially limits the generalizability of our results. However, the group of patients with illness position at baseline may generally resemble patients with fibromyalgia. For these reasons, it will be prudent to further explore the advantages of tai chi for fibromyalgia in various other settings with additional instructors. Finally, we followed participants for just 24 weeks, therefore the long-term performance of tai chi in patients with fibromyalgia remains to be determined. In conclusion, our preliminary findings show that tai chi might be a useful treatment in the multidisciplinary management of fibromyalgia. Longer-term studies involving bigger clinical samples are warranted to measure the generalizability of our results also to deepen our knowledge of this promising therapeutic approach..