Chronic cough is one of the conditions doctors hate treating low thyroid.

The online Cough Clinic spectacular success: Check your chronic cough with expert advice on the Internet At Your Fingertips!Chronic cough is one of the conditions doctors hate, because it is poorly understood and difficult to treat., A British team to improve to improve the diagnosis and treatment by the patient and expert advice? on the web! The results of this groundbreaking project, in Berlin to the Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society presented, opens the way to a new, interactive medical approach to one of the most common health problems. treating low thyroid

Simpler physician-patient dialogueThe Online Clinic gathers information from the patients through a standard three – page questionnaire, where symptoms and medical history are reviewed on a systematic and detailed manner. ‘It is much more detailed than the average appointment,’said Morice ‘the Congress in Berlin, where there is never enough time, ask for the patient, all relevant questions! 8,546.

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