The institutional review board or ethics committee at each site accepted the study protocol. Baseline quality-of-life questionnaires had been administered after written educated consent had been obtained and before randomization and treatment. Follow-up structured interviews were administered 4 months, 12 months, and two years after randomization. Site coordinators, who was simply qualified by the coordinating middle, conducted all interviews during a clinic check out or by phone if a clinic go to was missed. From a total of 3670 expected patient contacts over four interviews, 3473 quality-of-life questionnaires were collected; 1 percent of the questionnaires collected were incomplete, and 4 percent of the questionnaires had been shortened proxy forms used for patients who were unable to take part in the full interview .They are much better than refined flour and the package foods that flood the marketplace. They may save some labor in the kitchen, but they produce constipation.’ Today nutritionists and various other alternative practitioners know that constipation is a signal that cannot be ignored and your colon function must be kept efficient and functioning well. To disregard constipation for long periods of time can lead to some serious illnesses. These type of illnesses will likely end your daily life prematurely or trigger you a disability. Constipation is a symptom you cannot ignore – actually if it occurs just occasionally -because it network marketing leads to gradual poisoning of your entire body. Previously and in the present even, many doctors refused to believe that constipation can cause your body to be toxic.