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‘Luciano indicates that ‘received the score of patients on the new scale longer able to predict the severity of their symptoms of depression than those scores in a quality of life instrument was study study. ‘ – The authors concluded that the short version of this tool is ‘as reliable and valid as the full version ‘in assessing disability in patients with depression and even ‘more suitable ‘than the long version in the primary care field given the short time it takes to use it. reptile dysfunction

The family doctor is usually the first to screen, which an individual. Depressed. For this reason, training and tools that joined the diagnosis of this disease and disability with him to enable essential. A recent study confirms the reliability and validity of the 12 – item WHO – DAS II short version short version of the World Health Organization Disability Scale in primary care patients. Juan Vicente Luciano research team at the Parque Sanitario Sant Joan de D u, in Sant Boi de Llobregat , observed that the psychometric information in Spain on WHO – DAS II in patients with depression was insufficient: ‘a? self-care given the high prevalence of this disease in patients who consult their physician, ‘he says SINC.

Coda Therapeutics is, a biopharmaceutical company developing the development the development and commercialization of therapeutics for wound management and to repair tissue, was positive results from the Stage 2 NOVEL Study of NEXAGO to patients with chronic venous ulcers. NEXAGO a topically applied, pioneering therapeutic candidates, with the potential of to revolutionize to wound treating Paradigma through the use of to a new mechanism and objective the healing process.

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