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Clinicians in the first two European hospitals are for clinical the treatment to begin the new TrueBeam system of – the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland and VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Fixes a Emerging Technology Symposium on at the annual ESTRO conference here in Barcelona, by give detailed reports about early patient treatments. – Professor Urs Luetolf of Zurich University Hospital said: ‘When us introduce new technologies is always interesting for our fellow radiation oncologists and radiation therapist relating to clinical about clinical process improvement in the treatment delivery and imaging, handle handle organ and tumor motion year medicine has one main aim – add something for patient. – ‘We are more than 100 patients on TrueBeam system of who discussed, as we inserted six months, and although it is still early in order to evaluate the results, it is which the system provides advantages with regard to velocity accuracy precision of the supply, ‘said Prof. Luetolf recorded. ‘Cancer patients are constantly looking for better healing and reduced side effects and they will handled which latest and most advanced technological, and our experience with this advanced system on the cutting edge have for patients as well as that the treatment easier encouraging to clinicians. ‘.