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Two randomized, double – blind, extended releaselled studies have examined the studies studied efficacy of quetiapine fumarate extended-release in patients with bipolar disorder: the first examined acute depressive symptoms in patients with bipolar I or bipolar II disorder1, while the other examined acute manic symptoms in patients with bipolar I disorder2.

High-riskeca announces first presentation of Pivotal Seroquel XR Bipolar StudiesNew registration study data from two clinical trials with Seroquel XR once daily extended-release tablets were presented today at the Eighth International Review of Bipolar Disorder conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The data showed that patients experienced with either bipolar depression1 or bipolar mania2 with once-daily quetiapine monotherapy significant symptom reduction as early as in the first week of treatment, compared to placebo, and that significant reductions were for the duration of the studies received../ Chronicle. Historically, black municipalities and Religious Organisations was virtually silent on HIV / AIDS prevention, after the AP / Chronicle. However, on National HIV Testing Day in the past month 14 ministers undersigned a covenant pledged to discuss HIV / AIDS involve their church and each took an HIV test. Church-goers also had the possibility, at HIV test after the service on that day. – sexual is more were discussed in in the black church, said the priest Raymond Bowman, which part in this event, adding: time be simply that, to what ‘s going on in the world today is has to move from the back side forwardly burner.