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Physician shortageIn this week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine examines national correspondent John Iglehart enroll efforts medical schools and train more physicians, and the lack of action by the federal government and private health insurance industry concerns physician shortages in the U.S. Appeal.

‘. As Medicare beneficiaries and persons are reported with private insurance, have prepared a rule, access to medical care, ‘it is the uninsured ‘to grow, a difficult time finding a doctor ‘, as well as Medicaid beneficiaries and 20 percent of U.S. Citizens living in government – designated ‘medically underserved ‘living areas , writes Iglehart added that physician recruitment and retention ‘is a challenge for community health centers, the medical operations of the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, community hospitals and even groups of doctors.First of warn Men Face ‘a depressing future ‘male are facing an ‘depressive tomorrow ‘because of the significant changes to the economic and social environment of Western countries, according American psychiatrist.

Dr Boadie Dunlop, at Emory University School of Medicine:. ‘women are nearly twice as often to to develop used to treat depression in their lifetime as men but we believe that this difference can to modify over the next decades, ‘.

Dr Dunlop concluded: Western men will have to face a difficult journey in the 21st century. Th century , especially those with little education. We believe economic and societal changes will have a significant impacts Men mental healthcare and mental health practitioners need to to aware of this problem, . .