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Cross posted from Nature’s THE FANTASTIC Beyond blog . Advanced Cell Technology of Worcester, Massachusetts announced on Tuesday a individual embryonic stem cell therapy it really is developing for a uncommon form of juvenile blindness offers been granted orphan medication status by the US Food and Medication Administration . The special status gives companies taxes breaks, usage of grant funding for scientific trials, and up to seven years of market exclusivity beneath the 1983 Orphan Medication Act. The Take action is aimed at speeding therapies for diseases afflicting less than 200,000 Americans. Read the rest of the post on THE FANTASTIC Beyond.

Regarding to Ronald Krauss MD, the director of atherosclerosis analysis at The Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fats is associated with an increased threat of CHD or CVD . Fats, when used in correct proportions, are beneficial to maintaining a good diet that will keep the dangerous types of cholesterol from accumulating in your body. As with all types of lifestyles and diets, exercise and moderation are keys to attaining a healthy balance and residing in shape.. Just a little saturated fat never killed anyone The theory that saturated fat is normally unhealthy ‘s been around for a number of years, with Ancel Keys’ research into diet plan and cholesterol being truly a primary part through the mid-1900s.