Developers of high-performance medical image management software program.

We believe that AcuoShare enables Healthcare facilities to resolve their study sharing challenges and do therefore in the most affordable manner. This is yet another indication of how Acuo can provide standards based answers to creatively solve image management requirements in the healthcare provider marketplace. .. AcuoShare that allows image sharing across networks of hospitals and clinics launched Acuo Technologies, developers of high-performance medical image management software program, data migration equipment and services, today announced a fresh product offering called AcuoShare that allows image sharing over the systems of hospitals, treatment centers & affiliates.In a evaluation of recurrent diarrhea with or without laboratory confirmation of C. Difficile illness and with or without antibiotic treatment for C. Difficile illness, 28 percent of individuals in the antibody group experienced recurrent diarrhea, in comparison with 50 percent of those in the placebo group . Difficile infection differed considerably between the two study groupings .). The relative threat of recurrence based on total times of follow-up for each study group was significantly lower in the antibody group . Severe diarrhea was defined as at least five unformed stools each day for at least 2 consecutive days, you start with the stool counts documented on day time 1 through cessation of diarrhea and discontinuation of antibiotic treatment for the initial episode.