Easier with the right training at an early age.

‘easier with the right training at an early age, we believe that these techniques can help autistic children be socially interactive and pick up language ‘Elder said.

– ‘It is important for the child’s mother and father in parental training, are whenever involved possible,’Jaime Winter, a scientist said at the University of Washington Autism Center, who previously conducted autism research at the University of California – San Diego. ‘Potential benefits that may follow from father participation increased frequency of interaction and quality of interaction between fathers and their children with autism, increased treatment time for the child and support for the child’s mother.’.. Because of the small sample study, Elder and her research team plan to continue to use their research to a larger group of fathers and fine-tune the interventions based on their experiences in the study you are planning to show the fathers.The John Dystel Prize recognizes an significant contribution to research in our understanding, treatment, or prevention of multiple sclerosis .

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