Every year Organ Transplant Fund donations The April tax deadline threatens.

Every year Organ Transplant Fund donations – The April tax deadline threatens, the Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Donor Services. promoting Utahns a small donation, which could have a major impact on a child’s life By checking a box on their state tax returns, Utahns can contribute to the Kurt Oscarson Children’s Organ Transplant Fund, the financial support of the families of the children in need of transplants.

For more information visitThe mission of public health through Utah Department of Health is to the public health through preventing avoidable illness, injury Disability and premature death, assuring access to affordable, quality health care and the promotion of healthy lifestyles to protect.. Approximately 71,000 Utahns contribute to the fund each year, these donations typically up to $ 75,000 – $ 85 Families apply for the assistance of a committee established. Distribute the funds. Since its inception in 1995 , the fund 85 families 85 families pay medical expenses connected with her children transplants.

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