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In the long term, of reproduction, and seems, therefore, low-quality mothers that expose offspring to favor quality-mediated stress. – The adaptive value of stress-induced phenotypes: effects of maternal corticosterone on sex-biased investment, cost of reproduction, and maternal fitness by Oliver P. Love and Tony D. Williams. American Naturalist 172: E135 – E149 DOI: 10.

Reveals how bacteria ‘Breathe’ Toxic Metals – Researchers examine some common soil bacteria that ‘inhale”exhale’toxic metals in a in a non-toxic form .The bacteria could be used one day to clean up toxic chemicals left over from the production of nuclear weapons decades.Using a unique combination of microscopes, the researchers at the Ohio State University and her colleagues are in a position to glimpse how the Shewanella oneidensis bacterium breaks down metal chemically extracted oxygen.

The microscope OMCA the edges of the the edges of the bacteria, whereas the cell membrane of hematite brought into contact – which means that the protein is, in fact, to allow the bacteria to ‘breathe’proposes hematite.The Grameen Foundation started on Tuesday the first apply of its application Laboratory , said to use by ‘to spread of mobile phones in Africa as a way as a way to provide information and services for poor communities in Uganda without having Internet access is to, ‘the Seattle Times ‘ my blog, which ‘Business of Giving ‘reports (Home.

The standard cost model of an information an SMS message of Uganda is 220 Ugandan shillings, about 10 U.S. Cents but the Google SMA at 5 at 5 cents a message and which reports will be first be free. ‘The system utilizes English, but the bulk of the population can to obtain of into Englisch or find someone to help them to send and decrypt messages,’according to BusinessWeek . The project was launched created 18 months ago, according to Business Week blog, ‘Globe spotting. ‘Which Grameen Foundation runs a Dorf phone service in Ugandan, and virtually almost 50,000 people write ‘pay-by-the-minute mobile phone services ‘, of the blog. Henry Jmeen did to expand into information service and Google and MTN looked as potential partners.