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BMS’ development in ’09 2009 and Q1 2010 has been related to its sales of Reyataz and its other AIDS medications. Reyataz product sales have increased 20 percent in recent quarters. Overall, 2009 sales for Reyataz had been $1.29 billion. As federally-funded, state-run AIDS Medication Assistance Programs make an effort to provide AIDS medications to a growing number of low-income people in need, the steep cost of such lifesaving medicines is becoming a far more crucial issue.Volume is affected by adjustments in pressure and heat, unlike mass. The usage of mass flow meters shall permit the fuel to be measured by mass directly. Hence, accurate mass flow measurements serve to enable volume certainty during transfers, and enhance transparency during transactions. That is important due to the large quantity and high costs of gas involved. This past year, over 42 million tonnes of bunker energy were sold in Singapore[2]. In conjunction with Singapore's standing while a top bunker interface globally, it is necessary to maintain measurement criteria with direct traceability to internationally-recognised standards, which are needed to assure business companions of quality standards, promote fair trade and enable local companies to access the global market.