In their Environmental Geochemistry and Health study.

In their Environmental Geochemistry and Health study, Zhu and scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted field work at Xikuangshan in 2007, drawing multiple water samples from 18 different sample sites. Samples were sent back in Bloomington for atomic fluorescence spectroscopic analysis and Alberta for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry analysis. The scientists learned antimony – III was rare, beyond detection in the presence or trace levels. The near totality of antimony in each sample was antimony-V.

Numerous other published studies reveal Pycnogenol ‘ efficacy for women’s health, such as relieving menstrual pain and endometriosis, and it is for this use patented. Other studies show Pycnogeno is a natural anti-inflammatory, The extract justification to use Pycnogeno to moderate moderate inflammatory pain sensation involved in menstruation.

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