Integrated Diagnostics partner to improve protein-based LC/MS assays Agilent Systems Inc.

and Integrated Diagnostics today announced a strategic partnership to develop assays that detect main human diseases at extremely early stages to boost treatment outcomes. Agilent manufactures an array of analytical instrumentation, including liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and automation systems. Officials of both institutions see an opportunity to rapidly change medical breakthroughs into diagnostic assays by combining efforts to spotlight protein and peptide biomarkers of disease. Agilent provides an innovative and forward-searching system and knowledge to enable the advancement and deployment of next-era multiplexed proteomic assays, stated Paul Kearney, Ph.D., chief and president scientific officer, Integrated Diagnostics.For instance, SBML can be understood by biochemical modeling software program such as for example COPASI and systems generated in CellDesigner can as a result be simulated or analyzed by this program. Related StoriesJumping genes: a marker for early cancer analysis? An interview with Dr KazazianNew research from TSRI and Salk points to reason behind debilitating nerve diseaseInner hearing damage human brain warnings from nerve cellsDr.