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Is external control, is iron oxide nanoparticles with Lin caps, a magnetic field click to follow . Manipulated by a magnetic field. In a simple detection of the principle holds Lin a magnet a liquid-filled a liquid-filled glass bottle of human cervical cancer cells grown in vitro, the nanospheres with iron oxide particles contain capped. The cells migrate slowly to the side of the vial cluster adjacent to the magnet. – ‘The use of a strong magnet, we can first concentrate the nanospheres at a certain point, such as a tumor, and then use the magnetic field the caps the caps and the drug,’said Lin. Decrease advantage of using a magnetic trigger to a UV light triggers contrast, is that there is no limit to the depth of tissue we can investigate it? faith of an MRI. ‘.

And would appear to break the bonds on the caps and drug drug. In this way, only cancer cells with powerful chemotherapeutic agents such as taxol or doxorubicin are aligned, while the inside of the nanospheres normal cells would remain closed and thus not cause harm to to undesirable side effects by healthy cells.

Living kidney donors to show not increasing its risk of a heart or different cardiovascular Events of in the period after the donation, to the largest study on this topic, presented at to the American Society in nephrology 40th Jahrestagung and scientific exhibition San Francisco.

In an follow-up period of from 1-13 years , 1.3 % died which living kidney donors and experiences of cardiovascular events. It was not statistically different by the 1.7 % rate of in the reference group.