ISB with Complete Genomics in Mountain View.

ISB with Complete Genomics in Mountain View, California partnership, the sequence of the genomes of father, mother and two children. Both children had two recessive genetic disorders, Miller syndrome, a rare disease craniofacial and primary ciliary dyskinesia , a lung disease. By sequencing for all the family, including the parents, the researchers were able to reduce the number of candidate genes with Miller syndrome to four.

‘An important finding is that by determining the genome sequences of an entire family can be many DNA sequencing errors and and thus greatly increase the accuracy of the data, ‘said Leroy Hood, the newspaper other corresponding author and co – founder and president of ISB. ‘This will ultimately help us to understand expected rate. Variations in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease ‘An exciting finding from this study the first direct estimate of human generations, mutation rate, how much the genome changes from one human generation to the next. The intergenerational mutation rate researchers.‘In the future.. In the study, mice were used to test the protective effects of manganese superoxide dismutase plasmid A liposome gene the bone marrow whereas total body irradiation. The scientists discovered that a control group of mice which had received initial 9 Gy dose of radiation 80 % of survival of was injected at 30 days compared with 93.3 % survival for the same duration on an experimental group of mice that with a MnSOD -PL prior to irradiation. Since the value of of radiation exposure been the mouse of the mice injecting by of MnSOD -PL increased prior to exposure significantly.

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