Johns Hopkins University will serve as the business lead trial site for the analysis.

We are extremely very happy to collaborate with the highly skilled and innovative Imaging group at UCMC, mentioned Jeff Timbrook, CEO of Acuo. Chang, M.D., FSIIM Professor and Vice-Chairman, Radiology Informatics, Medical Director, Pathology Informatics at the University of Chicago School of Medicine.. Accentia, Johns Hopkins co-host meeting with prospective clinical trial investigators in AAN meeting Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.‘Such a tool would also have to account for blood pressure and other factors that can contribute to blood vessel adjustments. Early detection allows ophthalmologists to treat patients before optic nerve damage occurs and would provide us the best chance of protecting their eyesight.’ A symptomless attention disease like glaucoma highlights the need for regular attention exams. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that everyone have got a complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist at age group 40 and adhere to the follow-up test schedule advised by their doctor. This January during Glaucoma Awareness Month, the Academy encourages visitors to learn even more about the disease referred to as ‘the sneak thief of sight.’ Individuals who have a grouped family history of glaucoma, or who are African-American or Hispanic, may be at higher risk.