Law enforcement arrested Edsel Bradford.

A 90-year-old man resorted to bribery and harassment to get his practical hydrocodone at a Walmart pharmacy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Law enforcement arrested Edsel Bradford, on September 7 who was simply found screaming and cursing at pharmacy workers and clients at Walmart, 2015, according to The Chattanoogan. Bradford was also intense with police, tried to push past officers when confronted, and struggled when he was used into custody . Walmart staff members informed The Chattanoogan that Bradford offered the pharmacist $100 in trade for 10 hydrocodone tablets with out a prescription. When the pharmacist said no, Bradford allegedly made threats to get a gun and shoot people until he got the supplements.

The trial was accepted by all relevant ethics and regulatory committees. Visit Procedures Participants attended clinic appointments at the time of screening and enrollment and in 4-week intervals thereafter for up to 60 weeks . At each visit, individuals received a month’s supply of the assigned study drug; underwent rapid HIV antibody testing, being pregnant testing, and assessment for adverse events; and received counseling , free condoms, and free effective nonbarrier contraception. Furthermore, self-reported adherence was assessed, returned supplements were counted, and blood samples were stored and obtained. At predefined visits, testing of renal and hepatic function was performed, and a questionnaire on sexual behavior was administered. The administration of the study drug was or permanently discontinued in the event of pregnancy temporarily, seroconversion to HIV positivity, or protocol-defined biochemical abnormalities.