Malvin Omar Chirnos Cruz.

Malvin Omar Chirnos Cruz , Dennis Ivan Casere Escobar and Marvin Omar Galeano Acosta were each charged with one count of Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Kidnapping and Threatening and Intimidating. The victim was held by The defendants hostage, and threatened to harm him. The arrests and investigation were the efforts of officers assigned to the U.S. Customs Task Force. Defendants Casere Escobar was sentenced to three-and-one-half years in prison, Chirnos Cruz was sentenced to three years in prison and Galeano Acosta was sentenced to 18 months supervised probation with a six month jail term.Within their research, the UC NORTH PARK chemists, bioengineers at MIT and cell biologists at UC Santa Barbara developed a system containing two different nanomaterials the size of only a few nanometers, or one thousand times smaller compared to the size of a human locks, which can be injected into the bloodstream. One nanomaterial was made to find and to tumors in mice adhere, as the second nanomaterial was fabricated to kill those tumors. These scientists and others experienced previously designed nanometer-sized gadgets to add to diseased cells or deliver medications specifically to the diseased cells while ignoring healthful cells.