Management and education of diabetes levitra 10 mg.

Diabetes classes will create to empower health professionals have a positive impact in the prevention, management and education of diabetes, the goal is the required to minimize development of chronic complications of diabetes, and the treatment of health professionals with advanced knowledge in clinical diabetology, and the skills educational processes educational processes for people with diabetes levitra 10 mg .

The courses began in November last year in Uruguay during the World Diabetes Day, and they will in May 2008 in Brazil and Argentina. The courses are a variety of content, from the scale of diabetes problem, models, methods and pedagogical techniques. This includes the diagnosis, classification and therapeutic aspects of diabetes. Everything under participatory and interactive methods in which to meet teachers through the thoughts, actions and decisions. To reach this will be developed study the rates of case discussions and bibliographies, Previously, we workshops and other participatory methods are supplemented. said Prof. Garcia Rodr guez courses classes, said: Previously, we have the necessary educator ‘s role and the minimum competency, abilities, skills and attitudes to achieve optimal diabetes provide care and education, the the content of the courses in accordance with the different levels: low, medium or high. According to the International Diabetes Federation ‘s Diabetes Atlas, it is estimated that there are 16.2 million people with diabetes in the SACA Region or 6 percent of the adult population. Over the next 18 years the number of people with diabetes expected to rise dramatically to 32.

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