Nineteen pilot schools were selected to participate to on the basis of: cardiovascular health.

The Illinois CATCH program initiative was implemented in January 2004 to support the Department of healthy nutrition and physical activity in primary school children. Nineteen pilot schools were selected to participate to on the basis of: cardiovascular health, obesity, diabetes and environmental program efforts within the community, previous involvement in similar kinds of efforts by the Department of Health and Wellness Initiative funding, one expressed interest in the CATCH program; and geographical coverage in the state.

In the school cafeteria, primary school children.serve meals with more fruits and vegetables and less fat. The CATCH physical education component teaches children ways to be physically active in their daily lives, either alone or with their friends and family.

The additional 11 schools with a total of 152 schools in Illinois are funded for the CATCH program. The following is a list of schools that are implementing the CATCH program for the 2009-10 school year.. The CATCH program brings schools and families together to help children how to teach healthy for life CATCH is effective because healthy behaviors reinforced by a coordinated approach.Fresh approach for the treatment of Krebs proved very effective.

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