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A vaccination targeted at reducing alpha-syn must therefore make sure that the triggered antibody immune response exclusively addresses alpha-syn, but leaves beta-syn untouched. Our AFFITOM technology allows us to develop vaccines that assurance this high level of specificity to alpha-syn. During 2010 we will comprehensive the preliminary function for the scientific trial’. Based on this technology AFFiRiS AG has recently announced the advancement of two vaccines for Alzheimer’s, one for atherosclerosis and as recently published a vaccine against hypertension; that is to say conditions that affect hundreds of millions of people. Indeed, the commercial significance of the AFFITOM technology in addition has been recognised by the pharmaceutical market and by 2008 a technology licence predicated on this with a complete value of up to 430 million Euros was granted to GSK Biologicals for the advancement of the Alzheimer’s vaccines..It had been empowering to be noticed. Information for myeloma patients and caregivers who would like to understand how their concerns can be addressed is available on the advocacy tab at.

Advice for patients who’ve been taking Celebrex or Bextra The recent announcement that Celebrex, a favorite pain medication in the same family as Vioxx, has been found to pose an increased risk of heart disease is bound to leave many pain patients stunned, worried and confused. The Celebrex news comes just one week following the Food & Medication Administration required the manufacturer of Bextra, another drug in the same family of Cox-II medications, to warn individuals of a center risk associated with that medication.