Old Electronics Potential Way to obtain Lead Exposure in Kids: MONDAY www.suomi-info.net.

Old Electronics Potential Way to obtain Lead Exposure in Kids: – MONDAY, Aug. 10, 2015 – – Working with previous or recycled electronics may increase your children’s risk for business lead poisoning, a specialist warns. Lead poisoning in two Ohio toddlers was traced back to their father, who worked in an e-scrap recycling business, said 1 Cincinnati pediatrician www.suomi-info.net . The dad’s work involved crushing cathode ray tubes created from leaded glass. These tubes certainly are a common component of older computer and tvs monitors. The children, aged 1 and 2, were victims of ‘take-residential’ lead exposure, Dr. Nick Newman, director of the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital INFIRMARY, said in a medical center news release.

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