Original research: An analysis of the Gene Complement a marsupial.

Original research: An analysis of the Gene Complement a marsupial, Monodelphis domestica Published Published the evolution of lineage – specific genes and giant chromosomes in Genome Research on May 10, 2007 The results of this research and related press release was written by an international consortium of scientists published in Nature this week labor labor, paper title: shows Genome of marsupials Monodelphis domestica innovation in non-coding sequences..

When researchers tested the opossum DNA, they found that the genes near the edge of a chromosome is better at discard mutations lead to disease.

Scientists discovered that genes located deep in a chromosome changes that may lead to disease accumulate faster than those found too close to the chromosomal edge. Natural selection tends to remove mutations this dangerous and this research shows that there is at least the inside of the large effective working chromosomes as the ends in opposite directions. At Oxford University research of Dr. Leo Goodstadt and Professor Chris Ponting of the Medical Research Council Functional Genetics Unit at Oxford University, led , is published in Genome Research. It is part of a wider international cooperation in order to compare the marsupial and human genomes published in Nature..Quickly Uk Eye device provides latest cornea surgery.

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