Particularly when males and treated with insulin

It is known that patients treated with with insulin DM2 those with severe diabetic complications and hyperinsulinemia. Their results indicate the need for close surveillance for HCC in patients with chronic liver disease and DM2, particularly when males and treated with insulin. They also show strategies to improve the metabolic control should primarily be directed against hyperinsulinemia by avoiding as much as possible the use of oral medications secretogogue and insulin treatment, giving preference to insulin sensitizers such as metformin and glitazones . Because diabetes may be secondary causes for HCC and the underlying cirrhosis, and liver cirrhosis caused by diabetes, need further studies performed including patients with cirrhosis, to evaluate these complex relationships and particularly whether the diabetes itself has a direct carcinogenetic effect.

Oral Cancer risk factors: – Age – adults – Tobacco use – especially when combined with heavy alcohol consumption – heavy drinking – excessive sun exposure to the lips – sexually transmitted human papillomavirus – About Zila ​​.

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