Physical Education.

The President’s Council on CONDITIONING and Sports, is an working office within the U.S. Department of Health insurance and Human Services. Through its applications and partnerships with the general public, private and nonprofit sectors, any office of the PCPFS acts as a catalyst to market health, physical activity, fitness and enjoyment for people of all ages, capabilities and backgrounds through participation in exercise and sports. AOSSM has a long background of dynamic educational components and applications and we are looking towards working together to promote wellness through exercise, said Melissa Johnson, MS, executive director of the President’s Council.All rights reserved.. Advocates worried about health insurance affordability drive for more subsidies The Boston Globe: ‘President Obama has promised that the country’s health care overhaul can make medical insurance available – and affordable – for everybody. But while expenses in Congress would make insurance more accessible for millions of Us citizens, advocates worry that the Senate costs would impose significant monetary burdens on some of the families who’ll now be asked to buy coverage.’ Although ‘Democratic leaders have already added billions of dollars in subsidies to the proposal becoming debated on the Senate floor’ to make coverage more affordable, ‘advocates remain concerned that with that federal government help even, premiums under the Senate measure would consume large portions of regular monthly budgets for family members with low incomes’ .