President of Catholics for a Free Choice and founder Condoms4life the campaign.

She adds that the people will not be treated as a means to anyone end completion, No ideology or misguided theology should be in the way of the Gospel of love for .. Frances Kissling: A minor change in the Catholic Church position on condoms the spread of HIV the spread of HIV would be a life saver, said Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice and founder Condoms4life the campaign. A sincere and honest depiction of Catholic theology and Christian compassion would first admit that the use of condoms, J. HIV /] to prevent AIDS with the Church with the Church against contraception, said Kissling. It adds to protect the use of condoms for HIV, such as which use of vaccines against life-threatening diseases, the church once to protect against, but now offers the world in hospitals and healthcare centers.

, the Catholic Church should not , his teaching on the use of condoms, managing director of the Westchester Institute for Ethics and the human person the church can not Intercourse using a condom is not to be marital intimacy, writes, adding that even in the heartbreaking case a marriage in which one spouse is HIV positive and the other HIV-negative, the church can not own to use condoms, as the pair are an expression of their sexuality in a very distorted manner.The authors chose proven to be safe viral, considered a disease which used in gene therapy treatment of hemophilia and eye diseases. Specifically, they are are not replicating virus of other, non-pathogenic in man is derive. – This study is primarily previewed as a proof-of-principle that telomerase gene is a feasible and generally safe to enhance approach to Health Spa and treatment of diseases with short telomeres associate , State Virginia Boccardi and Utz Herbig in a comment released in the same periodical..

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