PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO The American Medical Association.

The AMA's House of Delegates is the policy-making body at the center of American medicine, bringing together an inclusive band of physicians, medical students and occupants representing every state and medical field. Delegates function in a democratic procedure to make a national doctor consensus on emerging problems in public health, science, ethics, business and government to supply safer, higher quality and better look after patients and communities.In Stargardt’s disease, the loss of RPE cells in the patient’s macula causes a lack of photoreceptors – the cones and rods with which we see – resulting in blindness. We believe that transplanting new, healthy RPE cells may provide a highly effective treatment for SMD as well as perhaps various other macular degenerative diseases such as dried out AMD. We are excited to start these trials in European countries, and look ahead to analyzing the data we continue steadily to collect in our ongoing trials to look for the engraftment and function of the transplanted RPE cells.’ The trial will become led by Professor James Bainbridge, consultant doctor at Moorfields Eye Medical center, and Chair of Retinal Studies at University University London.