Designed to reflect the U.S. Population. This multi-center, open-label scientific trial included 1,751 women who received LILETTA. LILETTA was studied in women aged 16-45, with a body mass index selection of 15.8kg/m2 – 61.6kg/m2 across women of varied races and ethnicities. Many women were Caucasian or Dark/African American ; 14.7 % of women were of Hispanic ethnicity. Nearly 58 % of trial participants were nulliparous , the largest %age of nulliparous IUD individuals ever studied. LILETTA was discovered to be 99.45 % effective in preventing pregnancy in women regardless of age, parity , or BMI for up to 3 years. The trial is ongoing to evaluate the usage of LILETTA for four, five, and seven years. When barriers such as cost, access and education are removed, more women choose IUDs, saidHerm Cukier, Vice President,Women's HealthcareatAllergan.Endometriosis can be a debilitating disease that impacts millions of women around the world and the exploration of new treatments can offer other choices for women with this disease, stated Dr. Hugh Taylor, M.D., Chief of Division of Reproductive Infertility and Endocrinology, Yale School of Medication. It’ll be conducted at around 160 sites in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The investigation of elagolix for endometriosis can be an important part of the exploration of potential treatments for this underserved patient populace, said Rita Jain, M.D., divisional vice president, Pain, Respiratory and Metabolic Development, Global Pharmaceutical R&D, Abbott.