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Anavex has filed the regulatory submission to begin with clinical research of ANAVEX 2-73.. ANAVEX 2-73 named 2010’s ‘most promising trial medication’ by Alzheimer’s Weekly Anavex Existence Sciences Corp. announced today that ANAVEX 2-73 offers been named 2010’s ‘most promising trial medication’ by the editorial staff in Alzheimer’s Weekly. Related StoriesMore study required before recommending antidepressants, Alzheimer's disease medicines for stroke recovery: StudyCollaborative strategy may acceleration discovery of new preventive treatments for Alzheimer's diseaseResearchers identify part of microglia during early stages of Alzheimer's disease’It is extremely rewarding for we to receive such significant and independent third-party reputation for ANAVEX 2-73 and our unique strategy in Alzheimer’s disease,’ said Dr.The development is a great relief to Ugandan individuals, many of whom have been continued the waiting list at HIV/AIDS clinics because of shortage of antiretroviral medicines. The Ugandan Ministry of Health’s Quarterly Report for the first one fourth of 2010 indicates there are currently 218,359 active individuals on antiretroviral treatment. Getting an additional 72,000 patients to treatment, as this extra PEPFAR funding allows, is definitely very welcome news for Uganda, and we thank Ambassador Lanier and the government for recognizing the urgency and importance of lifesaving antiretroviral treatment, stated Dr.