Relating to a Baylor University study published on-line in journal.

When their portion of the survey was total, their partner completed a separate study that was connected back to the workers’. The partner entered a coordinating identification amount to complete his/her portion of the survey. The mixed responses from the original contact and the partner constituted one comprehensive response in the study database. Questions in the worker survey included; How frequently does your supervisor utilize the pursuing behaviors with you? with example products being Informs me my thoughts or emotions are stupid, Expresses anger at me when he/she is definitely mad for another reason, Puts me down in front of others, and Informs me I’m incompetent. Questions in the partner survey included; During the past month, how often did you.That’s why aspartame, a document nerve toxin, is still legal. That’s why sodium nitrite, a potent cancer-causing ingredient, is still widely used. So in retrospect hydrogenated oils, which promote heart cancer and disease, hasn’t been banned by the FDA. If this expenses passes, you will see Frankenfoods , irradiated foods, and foods comprising mercury and additional poisons sold in grocery stores with no caution labels whatsoever. That’s what size food companies like it: Keep carefully the public ignorant! That’s why they’re lobbying hard because of this ‘de-labeling’ bill.